Release Notes

May 25th 2023 v1.29 Release Notes

What’s New:


 1. “Cobb Angle” has been added as a new tool in the viewer


            The “Cobb” button allows the user to add a Cobb Angle to the image. It can be activated and deactivated by pressing the “Cobb” button. Once clicked, click into the viewer to add the first line, and then click again to add the second line in order to measure the angle between. You can then press the “clear” button to delete them.


2. “Reference” Lines have been added to the viewer.


          ● “Reference” Lines allow the user to highlight the location of the current image/slice on another image of an intersecting plane of an MRI or CT Scan when using a multi-panel layout in the viewer. As you scroll through the images, the reference line updates automatically to highlight the current slice. To use reference lines, simply bring multiple series of an MRI or CT into the viewer by using the “Layout” feature and scroll through one of the series.


3. An additional uploader button image option that includes American Association of Orthopaedic Executives branding has been added.


          ● Accounts with the uploader button enabled will now have the option to select a graphic that includes the AAOE logo for their uploader button to promote our partnership with the AAOE. This new option can be found on the “Webpage Uploader” page under Account and Settings for facilities.