How myViewBox Works

myViewBox gives you all the tools you need to view your medical images. It allows you to measure lengths, angles, annotate, attach reports, notes, photos, and share.

Select a function to learn more


Preview Images

Turns on/off preview images.

WW / WL (Contrast / Brightness)

Touch the image and move up/down to dynamically change contrast and move left/right to dynamically change brightness of the image.


Touch the image and move in any direction to reposition the image.


Touch the image and move up/down to dynamically increase/decrease the magnification of the image.


Touch the image and move in any direction to dynamically increase the magnification of the area of interest on image.



Touch the image and move up/down to dynamically scroll through slices in the series. This is the default active function on MRI, CT, angiograms and other motion enabled exams. 



Provides layout options to display multiple images at once.


Provides tools to measure angles and lengths, to highlight and display regions of interest and to annotate on the image.


Captures a png formatted image of the displayed image and any annotations and is viewable in the my photos section of attachments.


Allows for the playing of motion enabled exams like ultrasounds.


Displays notes, reports and photos that have been attached to a study.


Displays all patient information along with an editor to create and attach notes to a study.


Resets the image to how it was originally displayed.


Facilitates sharing of a study and attachments through a secure text message or email link.

Return to myImages

Takes you back to the myImages page where you can manage all your images.

*Note – When using a phone, you will need to touch  to toggle on/off additional features.