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H. Thomas Temple, MD

Virtual Grand Rounds, powered by mymedicalimages, is provided to you for consideration, discussion, and education. The original, anonymized patient images will be accessed using the mymedicalimages viewer, which appears in a separate window. Discussion takes place through an included link to LinkedIn.

Virtual Grand Rounds is sponsored content, created by mymedicalimages.com. AAOS does not, directly or indirectly, endorse this content or any products or services offered in connection with this content. AAOS makes no representations or warranties in connection with this content or any products or services offered in connection with this content.

Virtual Grand Rounds is not intended to present the only, or necessarily the best, methods or procedures for the medical situations discussed, but rather is intended to represent an approach, view, statement, or opinion of the author(s) or producer(s). These author(s) or producer(s) do not speak on behalf of AAOS, and this content is not reviewed or approved by AAOS. Medical providers should use their own, independent medical judgment, in addition to open discussion with patients, when developing patient care recommendations and treatment plans. Medical care should always be based on a medical provider’s expertise that is individually tailored to a patient’s circumstances, preferences, and rights.

If you would like to have a case considered for inclusion in Virtual Grand Rounds, please contact us at vgr@mymedicalimages.com.

If you would like to easily receive images from patients, and share with colleagues, please go to mymedicalimages.com/aaos