Is it safe to store my medical images online?

Let’s say you’ve just had a medical image taken. You ask the Front Desk for a copy, and it’s given to you on a CD. Really – a CD? It is important to manage your own medical image history. Hospitals are not required to store your medical images permanently so, it’s up to you. Stacking a pile of CDs in the corner of your closet is an option, but it’s not risk free. CDs can be scratched, misplaced, or even stolen. And, unless the images are password protected or encrypted, they can be seen by anyone who has the CD. There is another option. Storing your images in a cloud based application.

Advances in technology have made it easier for patients to obtain and store their medical images online. While these advances have provided many advantages that may improve care, they also come with their own set of worries. The biggest, security.
The security of online medical image storage now meets that of online banking. With high level encryption standards, and persistent account monitoring. In addition, to ensure users have the highest level of protection for their images and Protected Health Information (PHI), all platforms must be HIPAA compliant. Not to mention, you can’t lose or break an online application. Only verified users will be able to see your images. And, if you want to share them – with mymedicalimages, you will be able to do so through a secure link via email or text. So now, you have control and traceability of who has seen your images.

Storing medical images online allows for 24/7, safe and secure access from any phone, computer, or tablet. Have you been keeping track of your medical images history? If you want to learn more about how to manage your medical images visit Or get started now.


If you want to learn more about how to manage your medical images visit Or get started now.

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