Should I save my medical images?

When was the last time you had medical images taken? Do you know where they are? If it was more than seven years ago, they’ve probably been deleted. Or, if you received a copy, it’s most likely sitting on some CD tucked away in that junk drawer. You might think that this is fine, but what if you need your images? There are several reasons you might.


Why should you hold onto your medical images?

  • Getting a second opinion from another physician
  • Being referred to a specialist
  • Receiving treatment for a chronic condition, or one that requires monitoring
  • For comparison (ex. pre-op)
  • Switching physicians
  • “The unexpected”


Surprisingly enough, most clinics still provide medical images on CD’s. But, you run the risk of the CD not working, breaking it, or just flat out misplacing it. You may no longer even own a CD drive. Now, there are other options. By storing your medical images on a web-based platform, you take control of your health records and have 24/7 access to your images from any phone, computer, or tablet.


Having quick access to your medical images in an emergency could be critical. But having immediate access to your medical images on your phone, as opposed to an old CD? Even better.


After you have received the original copy of your medical images, you can easily upload them directly into your secure mymedicalimages cloud account.


If you want to learn more about how to manage your medical images visit Or get started now.

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